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When God Answers “No”

02/05/2019 footstepsblog 2

Time to read: 3 mins I have sometimes been troubled by unanswered prayer. I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences. I have thought of verses such as Matthew 7:7 – ‘Ask, and it shall be given you‘ – […]

Daily Life

Prayer and Backsliding

21/02/2019 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: 3 mins Last year we reviewed Do You Pray? by J.C.Ryle (also known as A Call to Prayer) – this post is a further extract from the booklet tackling the subject of backsliding. See also Prayer and […]

Daily Life

Responding to Terrorism with Prayer

08/06/2017 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: 3 mins I’m sure you have been shocked and saddened by the recent terrorist attacks in many places around the world, but especially perhaps those in Manchester and London. In thinking about these events, perhaps you have […]

Daily Life

Exams – Praying for Help

19/05/2017 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: 3 mins Lots of people have exams or tests of various sorts at the moment. For most of us, these are not something to be looked forward to or enjoyed – often they make us feel nervous […]

Bible Reading

Two-Way Communication

29/04/2017 footstepsblog 1

Time to read: 3 mins Think about any kind of relationship – between a husband and wife, or a boyfriend and girlfriend, between work colleagues, between friends, even between nations. In each of these a major factor in making the […]

Bible Reading

Time to Waste Pray?

08/12/2016 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: 2 mins One day last week, I put my son down for a nap and went downstairs to do some jobs. It soon became obvious that he wasn’t settling so I went back to see what the […]