Following the Shepherds

24/12/2018 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: 4 mins Have you ever been to Bethlehem? Let’s head there now, to the hills outside the city, where a group of shepherds have had an incredible experience. They’ve been visited by an angel and told the […]

Bible Study

Fig Leaves or Animal Skins

24/10/2018 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: 4 mins Read through Genesis 3. This well-known chapter describes the tragic fall of Adam and Eve (and with them the whole human race). As the chapter starts, they are living innocently in the Garden of Eden, […]

Daily Life

Me…? Now…?

13/09/2018 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: 2 mins I was recently reading a biography of Amy Carmichael (Amy Carmichael: Beauty for Ashes, Iain Murray), missionary to India in the early 1900s, and was struck by a quote of words which she said of […]


Emmanuel – God With Us!

22/12/2017 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: 4 mins About 2700 years ago, the prophet Isaiah used a name to refer to the Messiah, the saviour promised to Adam and to Abraham, and who all the Jews were waiting for. This name was Immanuel […]

Daily Life

Witnessing in Your Workplace #3

29/05/2017 footstepsblog 2

Time to read: 5 mins This is the final part of a series of three posts on the topic of witnessing at work. In Part 1 we introduced the general topic, saw that witnessing can be divided into two types […]