Tricky Questions

When Does Human Life Begin?

21/10/2017 footstepsblog 2

Time to read: 4 mins Should we experiment on human embryos? Is abortion wrong? At what stage of development should the law protect human life? The answers to these questions all hang on the answer to a more fundamental question […]


Faith #3: Abel, Enoch & You

30/06/2017 footstepsblog 1

Time to read: 6 mins This is the final article in a three part Bible study on the subject of faith. See also: Faith #1: What, Why & Where? Faith #2: Object, Outcomes & Opposites Examples of Faith Coming back to […]


VIDEO – Check This Out: Evolution Refuted

05/01/2017 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: < 1 min One of a series of useful summary videos produced by Answers in Genesis. This video outlines two important reasons why evolution is scientifically impossible and therefore should not be treated as scientific fact. There is […]