With Mercy and With Judgement – Matthew J. Hyde

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With Mercy and With Judgement – Strict Baptists and the First World War

Matthew J. Hyde – Gospel Standard Trust Publications

Available from Gospel Standard Trust Publications. Price £13.00 + P&P.

The extracts below are taken from a book review by Geoff Thomas published on the Banner of Truth website.

A remarkable book has appeared entitled With Mercy and With Judgement and with a sub-title, Strict Baptists and the First World War. It is written by Matthew J. Hyde. Dr. Hyde is a research scientist and a minister among the Strict Baptist Churches. He has done years of research into the stories of the soldiers, their families and churches who were involved a century ago in the First World War.

This is church history writing at its finest, original research, the gathering together of diaries, letters, memories, church reports, poems and hymns written exactly a hundred years ago.

Here is a book that captures the piety and godliness of the evangelical churches of England a century ago. It is very moving. What a heritage has been lost. There are so many letters and memories of the war that could be quoted, but you must read this for yourself. It will drive us to cry to God that our sick society may be spared the need of another conflict like this. In wrath remember mercy.

The full review can be read here.

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