The English Reformation and the Puritans – Video Lecture Series

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This is the trailer for a series of 12 lectures currently being serialised by the Christian Institute. A new lecture is being made available each week on their website here. The first two episodes have been very interesting, providing a lively introduction to the key characters of the reformation. As the series progresses it will move on to the Puritans, with a focus on John Owen. Each lecture is about 25 minutes long and is given by Dr Michael Reeves who is Senior Lecturer at Wales Evangelical School of Theology. The series was originally produced by Ligonier Ministries.

Their Unlikely Story is Ours…

Few stories contain heroism, betrayal, ricocheting monarchs, bold stands against repressive authorities, and redemption like this one. And fewer generations have modelled commitment to the gospel and the application of God’s Word like the Puritans of England. In this 12-part series, Dr. Michael Reeves surveys Puritan theology and the work of the Holy Spirit when the Reformation flourished in England. Major milestones of this movement underscore the Puritan’s special place in history, as they displayed spiritual wisdom and discernment still benefiting pulpits and believers today.Christian Institute

[A00027 – 08/04/2017]


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