Savannah Education Trust – Newsletter, Spring 2017

Time to read: 2 mins

The latest newsletter from Savannah Education Trust is now available on their website. This includes a fascinating account of a ceremony earlier this year at which one of the charity’s trustees was officially appointed as Maalu Naa, or Development Chief of the Lawra Traditional Area, as well as news of a new school in the pipeline.

For over a decade now, Savannah Education Trust has been radically improving the lives and prospects of hundreds of children in this remote area of northern Ghana, by the provision of five (soon to be six) Christian schools, trained teachers and regular meals. We give thanks to God for their work, through the UK trustees and the Ghanaians on the ground in the Lawra district, all of whom put much time and effort into the charity. It’s a wonderful blessing that so many children are now able to read the Bible for themselves.

I would encourage you to have a look through the Savannah Education Trust website and to prayerfully take an interest in (and support) their ongoing work.

[A00041 – 03/07/2017]


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