2018 Reading Challenge – Checking In!

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We’re just checking in to see how people are getting on with the 2018 Reading Challenge – do have a look and get started if you missed this back in January. It’s nearly the end of March, so we’re almost a quarter of the way through the year: have you managed 1.5 books yet?! No pressure!

I (Debs) am just starting to look at Christianity for Skeptics which is one of the books on the list. It was suggested by someone else and I haven’t read it before. Its layout and style is very reminiscent of a textbook, taking me back to university days and the mixed excitement/trepidation of looking through the books on my reading list. I’m not in any way a science-y person and tend to read fewer Christian books on the Creation-Evolution debate or technical apologetics books as they are more challenging for me, so this is a good discipline. I’m only in Chapter One (Does God Exist?) but so far am finding it very readable and well-explained.

We’d be interested to hear if you are reading any of the books suggested and what you thought of them. We’d also like to hear of any recommendations for books you may have.

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