Modesty Matters

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Sometimes a subject I’m thinking of posting on has already been covered very well by others. Below are links to various articles on the subject of modesty. It’s worth clicking through and giving them a read.

First is a series of three posts from Tim Challies called Modesty Matters. These were posted a few years ago, but are excellent. The key point is that modesty is as much about the heart as it is about anything external. He introduces them like this,

Modesty. It is one of those topics we have all discussed at one time or another. We have all heard a preacher or youth pastor talk about it. And somehow we rarely seem to be satisfied at the end of it all. Modesty, it turns out, is a difficult subject.

I find modesty a fascinating subject exactly because we find it so difficult to discuss it well. I plan to share some thoughts on modesty in just a couple of articles. I want to encourage us all to be men and women marked by modesty—modest men and modest women clothed in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Secondly an article on the Desiring God blog by Kim Cash Tate. This is written for women and looks at modesty as a witness. Its very American, but makes a good point.

Our choice of clothing is personal and particular. As women, we know what flatters us, what styles and colors we gravitate toward, which fabrics we prefer. These considerations and more — including what we consider modest — factor into an ultimate purchase. But how often do we consider our witness?

[A00095 – 17/12/2018]

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