Quiz: The State of Theology UK

Time to read: < 1 min

What do British people believe about God, salvation, ethics, and the Bible? Ligonier Ministries and ComRes partnered to find out. These are the fundamental convictions that shape our society.

Back in late 2018 Ligonier Ministries commissioned a State of Theology survey in the UK. They’ve done this a couple of times before in the USA, but this was the first time for the UK.

There are 34 statements about what the Bible teaches on various topics, to which you give a True or False answer. Some of the questions are worded in such a way that you have to read them very carefully or they might catch you out!

As well as taking the survey, on the State Theology website, you can also explore the results, along with explanations of the correct answers with Bible references etc. It makes interesting reading.

Why not take a few minutes to have a look and try the survey for yourself?

[A00105 – 27/03/2019]

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