Bits & Pieces – 20/04/20

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Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve come across a few bits and pieces of interest, mostly related to COVID-19. Here’s a brief summary and links. Might make this a regular feature going forward…we’ll see!

Ligonier Resources

Ligonier Ministries have made all their teaching series free to stream until at least 30th June.

This is a fantastic resource and there is a large number of excellent series to choose from. I can recommend:

Challies – Read an Encouraging Book Together

Tim Challies has just started a ‘group read’ of the Puritan Thomas Watson’s All Things For Good. Don’t be put off by the fact that Watson was a Puritan – his writing is really accessible and this is quite a short book. It’s can be really helpful to read in a structured way and this book tackles a very relevant topic.

President Nana Akufo-Addo – Ghanaian Day of Prayer

The President of Ghana recently called for a national day of prayer about the COVOD-19 situation and issued the poster below. Whilst I note that there is a similar poster aimed at Muslims and quoting the Quran, I understand from contacts in Ghana that the President is a Christian and it is encouraging to see someone in that position quoting the Bible. In the UK our leaders have not acknowledged a ‘god’ of any description let alone the God of the Bible.

Street Preaching During Lockdown – Stephen Kneale

This Fine is Not a Matter of Free Speech and Doesn’t Commend the Gospel – Stephen Kneale of Building Jerusalem provides what I think is a sensible and thoughtful analysis of the recent arrest of Mike Overd (the well known Taunton street preacher) for breaching COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. You might disagree with his conclusions, but there is food for thought here.

Footsteps Archive: Jesus was in the Boat

A Bible Study on the stilling of the storm. Very relevant to us all today in one way or another.

Note that Footsteps Blog does not necessarily endorse everything contained in external link, see our External Links Disclaimer for full details.

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