Bits & Pieces – 20/01/2021

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Links to a few bits and pieces I’ve come across over the last few weeks that you might find interesting and profitable.

Open Doors World Watch List 2021

On 13th January Open Doors launched their annual review of the level of persecution Christians face around the world. It is good to be reminded of our brothers and sisters around the world who suffer many things for their faith in Jesus Christ. Much to pray for.

Free Download – January Tabletalk Magazine – State of Theology

Ligonier have made the January 2021 issue of Tabletalk magazine availbale for free download. This is a really interesting issue looking at the state of Theology survey undertaken recently. Whilst the survey was in the USA, the explainations of the true Biblical answers to the questions are very helpful.

“This special issue provides explanations for the questions in Ligonier Ministries’ biennial State of Theology survey and examines what Americans believe about God, the Bible, truth, and ethics. Download your free copy and start reading today. We hope this issue of Tabletalk will help you better understand today’s culture and equip you with greater insights for discipleship.”

The main article is also available here (might be easier to read than the PDF of the magazine).

Wonderfully Made

This post on the Reformation21 blog reflects on how incredible the human body is and how it points to the greatness of the Creator.

“Ponder for a moment the wonder of your remarkable person. Value all human life, including in the womb. Be amazed at professional scientists, athletes, and poets. And praise the three Persons of the Trinity: this is the result of such self-admiration—lifting your eyes to the one Who made us (verse 17). Adore Him with holy fear (for you are fearfully made). Awe and wonder over His handiwork in your own body and soul (for you are wonderfully made). Marvel over God’s forming you the way you would regard any work of engineering and art. Admire the great Designer and Artisan. For Christian, you are an amazing specimen of machinery and beauty, especially having been recreated as a new creation reflecting His image in righteousness, true knowledge, and holiness that was lost in the Fall.”

CMI Webinars

During the first lockdown in 2020, CMI hosted a series of 13 webinars on a variety of topics, such as Why is there death and suffering? All these webinars are available on the CMI website.

Footsteps Archive: Loneliness

One of the side effects of COVID is the increase of loneliness in society. This article first posted a couple of years ago tries to provide encouragement to those who are lonely.

Also, I would take this opportunity to encourage each of us to think about those who may be lonely at this time and what we can do to help them.

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