Articles to help you to think more deeply about your Christian faith and draw nearer to God.


A Humble Saviour

14/04/2022 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: 4 mins Thinking about the humility of the Lord Jesus this Easter in contrast to the pride all around us and in our own hearts. […]


Why Follow Jesus?

07/04/2022 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: 4 mins We follow all sorts of so called celebrities. Here are three reasons why following Jesus is much more important. […]


An Empty Manger!

23/12/2020 footstepsblog 2

Time to read: 3 mins We’re thankful that Jesus was laid in a manger in Bethlehem, but he is no longer there. So where is he today? The answer is very special. […]


A New Year Gift to God

31/12/2019 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: 2 mins ‘Bring then your self, your will, your affections, your treasures, your all, and lay them on His altar this morning as a New Year gift to Him’ – Mary Slessor, Missionary to Calabar. […]


Contracted to a Span

24/12/2019 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: 4 mins At Christmas we are commemorating one of the most momentous events in the history of the world. As Charles Wesley wrote ‘Our God contracted to a span, incomprehensibly made man.’ […]


Never Forsaken

10/10/2019 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: 2 mins Consider how God the Father forsook His beloved Son, consider how the Lord Jesus endured the forsaking of His Father – all so that they would never forsake you and me. […]


Sin Hurts Us

09/08/2019 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: 3 mins Adam gained an apple and lost Paradise. Remembering that giving in to temptation may be very attractive now, but will make us the loser in the long run can help in the battle with sin. […]

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