Podcast – Luther: In Real Time

07/10/2020 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: < 1 min Listen to the trailer for this new podcast series from Ligonier following some key events from Martin Luther’s life 500 years to the day after they happened. Starts 10th October. […]


The Reformation and the Men Behind It

08/12/2017 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: 3 mins Recently we celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. In the run up to this Steven Lawson posted a series of six articles on the Ligonier Ministries blog about some of the key figures of […]


Is the Reformation Still Relevant?

13/02/2017 footstepsblog 0

Time to read: 2 mins The last 12 months have been very eventful. Whatever your views on Brexit and Donald Trump there can be no doubt that the world of politics has changed! However, 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of an […]